As stated by the authors of the HISTORY in the previous chapter, for more than twenty years the Urantia Foundation published The Urantia Papers with a dust jacket containing thirteen references on the back cover Concerning ... the Nature, Origin, and Organization of the Urantia Book. The first eight items of the HISTORY list were the first eight items on the dust jacket, in the same order. The dust jacket also had other page references not included on the HISTORY list. Following is a complete dust jacket list.  

  1. The language handicap of revelation: Page 1, par. 2

  2. The Forward by an Orvonton Commission: Page 1, par. 4

  3. Supplementation of planetary knowledge: Page 17, par. 1

  4. Priority given to existing human concepts: Page 16, par. 8, Page 1343, par. 1.

  5. Restrictions placed upon revelation of truth: Page 1109, par. 4

  6. Spiritual wisdom versus genetic knowledge: Page 215, par. 2-9

  7. Midwayers' connection with the Urantia Papers: Paper 865, par. 6, 7

  8. The human subject transmitting the Urantia Papers: Pages 865, par. 2; 1208, par. 7; 1209, par. 1

  9. How the Urantia Papers were put in English: Page 1258, par. 1

  10. Concerning the inspiration of revelations: Page 1008, par. 3

  11. The Divine Counselor knows whereof he speaks: Page 32, par. 2

  12. Comprehension depends on the Divine Presence: Page 17, par. 2

  13. Revelatory religion keeps in contact with evolutionary religion: Page 1007, par. 1

Of these, items 7, 8, and 9 are directly pertinent to understanding of the method by which The Urantia Papers were given to us. They offer insight into the mechanics of the revelation, and the important role of Sadler as a member of a team which included celestial beings. Perhaps the most important of these statements is given on:  

Page 1258: -- On many worlds the better adapted secondary midway creatures are able to attain varying degrees of contact with the Thought Adjusters of certain favorably constituted mortals through the skillful penetration of the minds of the latters' indwelling. (And it was by just such a fortuitous combination of cosmic adjustments that these revelations were materialized in the English language on Urantia.) Such potential contact mortals of the evolutionary worlds are mobilized in the numerous reserve corps, and it is, to a certain extent, through these small groups of forward looking personalities that spiritual civilization is advanced and the Most Highs are able to rule in the kingdoms of men. The men and women of these reserve corps of destiny thus have various degrees of contact with their Adjusters through the intervening ministry of the midway creatures; but these same mortals are little known to their fellows except in those rare social emergencies and spiritual exigencies wherein these reserve personalities function for the prevention of the breakdown of evolutionary culture or the extinction of the light of living truth. On Urantia these reservists of destiny have seldom been emblazoned on the pages of human history.


This passage naturally leads many to believe that it refers to the human subject of Sadler's study. This is suggested by the statement -- ". . . varying degrees of contact with ... certain favorably constituted mortals through the skillful penetration of the minds of the latters' indwelling." This would be the mechanism of "trance control" of the subject.

There are two contradictions. First, the subject was not in a "trance state" or under "trance control." He was unconscious during the night sessions; he was fully and completely asleep. The performances always occurred at night, when he was asleep, and they were not induced by himself, his wife, Sadler, or anyone else. They were totally unexpected, and unpredictable. His wife would either come running to Sadler's door, or she would call on the telephone that another episode had begun. Sadler would then go to the man's residence and enter his sleeping chamber to observe, perform tests, and ask questions "through the man." The episodes did not begin until the man was totally unaware of what was transpiring. Although Sadler used the word "trance" he meant it in the sense of someone who was performing acts which were not under his direct conscious control. The man was in a deep sleep during the sessions, a sleep from which he could not be aroused. This unique difference from spiritualist performances was the characteristic which attracted Sadler's professional curiosity and detailed study over many years.

The second contradiction is that this passage refers to a "forward-looking personality." But Sadler described the subject as "more or less indifferent to the whole proceeding, and shows a surprising lack of interest in these affairs as they occur from time to time." The sleeping subject did not really care about the phenomena, nor about the materials which came "through him." Certainly he was curious as to what was happening to him, and wished Sadler to determine the cause, but did not really worry or fret about it.

Furthermore, "... Much of the material secured through this subject is quite contrary to his habits of thought, to the way in which he has been taught, and to his entire philosophy." Would a forward-looking personality show indifference to cosmic materials, how they might impact upon our understanding of creation, evolution of the world, or destiny of individual human beings? Even more, how could it be contrary to his entire philosophy unless his philosophy was entirely contrary to the topics which appeared in the night sessions? Do not "mediums" and "trance pronouncers" always exhibit a keen interest in their "communications" from the "other side?" Why would this man be so indifferent unless he had nothing to do with production of the materials, and the subject matter was completely outside his realm of thought?

The answer to these questions is simple. His hand and his voice were manipulated mechanically by midwayers without the use of his mind. The midwayers produced the subject matter, not the unconscious mind of the man. He was merely a mechanical vehicle to attract Sadler's professional attention, and to produce materials which caused Sadler to eventually lift his vision above the religious views of our Christian traditions and social conventions. SS was a tool to recruit Sadler into this most amazing event of divine revelation. SS was also used to accustom the Forum members to an interchange with celestial personalities which led to their dedication to the revelation, and assurance of its survival as it was introduced to the world.

On the other hand, the dynamic active life of Sadler, his professional standing, his many books, his concern for his fellow man, his intense curiosity, and his keen religious sense -- all show him to be an outstanding individual. But even more, Sadler had an ardent desire that The Urantia Papers be published; he established a group to ensure such goal. If we were to search for a forward-looking personality intimately involved in the revelation of The Urantia Papers whom would we find? Did the "human subject" on page 1258 refer to the human subject of human study or to the human subject of celestial orchestration? Was Sadler the "favorably constituted mortal?" Was he the "contact mortal" who coordinated the entire effort? If the patient was the contact mortal how would we rank Sadler's role in more than forty years of activity? And if we were to look for a member of the human Reserve Corp of Destiny used to preserve the light of living truth on unfortunate Urantia whom would we find? The Sleeping Subject, or Sadler?

Consider the role of Sadler and the circumstances surrounding the production of The Urantia Papers. What role did he play? Quite simply, he was the key personality. Could Sadler have been replaced by another person? Consider his extraordinary mind. Consider his business experience. Consider his preparation and training in his religious thought and beliefs in his youth, attitudes which followed him the rest of his life. Consider the disillusionment which took him beyond the conceptual limitations of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and brought him to critical evaluation of the human elements in all religions. Consider his preparation and training as a medical doctor, and the circumstances which brought him to a keen interest in paranormal mental phenomena. Consider all the peripheral personalities and social situations necessary to conduct this exercise. He had a wife who was a competent professional, and who was a helpmate to him. She was involved at key steps in the phenomenon. Later she came to accept the fact of the miracle before Sadler could bring himself to accept it, in spite of all his disappointing attempts to explain it "scientifically." Consider the professional status of Sadler and the freedom he had to select hours and times. Consider the social role which permitted him to gather a forum of people. These were all elements which made Sadler a key individual. Sadler certainly enjoyed a wide scope of activity but the Sleeping Subject practically none.

Could SS have been replaced by another person, who had an equal unconcern about the whole business? It certainly seems so. The man, as an individual, was not important. He was strictly a mechanical vehicle. Any human mortal could have been used for such mechanical manipulation "in their sleep." Perhaps the man was chosen because of his avowed disinterest in the phenomenon, and in the materials which "came through" him. Perhaps he was chosen because he was so indifferent to the whole proceeding. This indifference would have been a strong element in Sadler's continued investigation. If the individual had exhibited a strong interest Sadler might have been less inclined to accept the phenomenon as so unique. He might have been more suspicious that the material was channeled. SS could have been any other person who exhibited similar disinterest.

On the other hand, how many other human candidates could have replaced Sadler? How difficult would it have been to arrange another set of social and human gifted circumstances to detect the unusual behavior of SS, and to care for the Papers?

Given these elements we can better understand why Sadler was the human mortal who had a versatile and highly experienced Adjuster for his day and generation. Sadler was the key personality which led to the presentation of The Urantia Papers and the placement on this planet at a time of grave planetary crisis. Sadler was a destiny reservist. The human subject was merely a tool to obtain Sadler's cooperation. Sadler had to be prepared; the human subject was incidental to the whole affair.

But still we have the question of the skillful penetration of the mind of the destiny reservist. If this was Sadler can we claim that it was "spiritualism?"

Page 863 -- On no world can evil spirits possess any mortal mind subsequent to the life of a Paradise bestowal Son. But before the days of Christ Michael on Urantia, before the universal coming of the Thought Adjusters and the pouring out of the Master's spirit upon all flesh, these rebel midwayers were actually able to influence the minds of certain inferior mortals and somewhat to control their actions. This was accomplished in much the same way as the loyal midway creatures function when they serve as efficient contact guardians of the human minds of the Urantia reserve corps of destiny at those times when the Adjuster is, in effect, detached from the personality during a season of contact with superhuman intelligences.

This statement confirms that midway creatures can penetrate the minds of destiny reservists. Before the resurrection of Jesus evil midwayers would sometimes possess the minds of certain inferior mortals. Episodes are described in the Bible. Such episodes were demoniacal possession. Loyal midwayers may still penetrate the mind, but they do so only to serve as guardians when the Thought Adjuster is absent. They do not penetrate the mind to possess it, or influence its thinking. They serve to protect the mind of that destiny reservist against the potential influence of evil personalities. They protect the destiny reservist from the penetration of Caligastia when the fragment of the Father, his spiritual guardian, is not present.

Note that the preceding two quotes from The Urantia Papers speak only of destiny reservists. Apparently such guardianship is associated only with those individuals who are members of the Reserve Corp of Destiny. Most likely this guardianship is not because the Destiny Reservists are special in the eyes of God, but because their loss would be damaging to the unfolding of God's destiny program. They are not given guardianship because of who they are, but because of what they are.

Page 1257: -- The reserve corps of destiny consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs. This corps is made up of the men and women of each generation who are chosen by the spirit directors of the realm to assist in the conduct of the ministry of mercy and wisdom to the children of time on the evolutionary worlds. It is the general practice in the conduct of the affairs of the ascension plans to begin this liaison utilization of mortal will creatures immediately they are competent and trustworthy to assume such responsibilities. Accordingly, as soon as men and women appear on the stage of temporal action with sufficient mental capacity, adequate moral status, and requisite spirituality, they are quickly assigned to the appropriate celestial group of planetary personalities as human liaisons, mortal assistants. 

. . . Mortals of the realm are chosen for service in the reserve corps of destiny on the inhabited worlds because of: 

1. Special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for numerous possible emergency missions in the conduct of various activities of world affairs. 

2. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual, or other cause, coupled with willingness to serve without human recognition and rewards. 

3. The possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility and probable pre-Urantia experience in coping with planetary difficulties and contending with impending world emergency situations.

We should note that "competent and trustworthy to assume such responsibilities" does not necessarily mean they possess attributes of personality or talent that we would consider outstanding against the criteria of this present world. Elijah and John the Baptist were both feisty individuals who held no fear of speaking the truth in the face of social condemnation. Many would not consider them stable personalities. The criteria are "sufficient mental capacity, adequate moral status, and requisite spirituality." An immoral human being could not achieve such calling, nor could someone with a slow mind. Also spirituality in the eyes of God may not mean a quite personality or passive demeanor. We must be very careful in our assessment of human mortals who would qualify for such service.

A very specific qualification in the current world scene is a repugnance for "spirit communication" through the mind. The loyal midwayers now on this planet do not engage in "spiritualism" or "mediumship." They do not manipulate the neural currents and modulate the synapses of their human brothers.

Page 865 -- Their (midwayer) chief work today is that of unperceived personal-liaison associates of those men and women who constitute the planetary reserve corps of destiny. It was the work of this secondary group, ably seconded by certain of the primary corps, that brought about the co-ordination of personalities and circumstances on Urantia which finally induced the planetary celestial supervisors to initiate those petitions that resulted in the granting of the mandates making possible the series of revelations of which this presentation is a part. But it should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of "spiritualism." The midwayers at present on Urantia, all of whom are of honorable standing, are not connected with the phenomena of so-called "mediumship"; and they do not, ordinarily, permit humans to witness their sometimes necessary physical activities or other contacts with the material world, as they are perceived by human senses.

The emphasis is mine.

Mediumship, regardless of its name, whether "channeling," "transmitters and receivers," or any other name devised to mislead the spiritual fools of this world, is not engaged in by the midwayers. When they used SS they did not use his mind. He was not a "medium," "channeler," or "transmitter and receiver."

How then, can they penetrate human minds while respecting the dignity of those persons? Why is this not "spiritualism?"

The key is in this statement:

"The men and women of these reserve corps of destiny thus have various degrees of contact with their Adjusters through the intervening ministry of the midway creatures."


This statement suggests that the ministry of midwayers is required for members of the Reserve Corp of Destiny to achieve more efficient contact with their Adjusters. They may not be able to do so at the levels required, on their own, without this ministry. Thus reservists come in closer touch with the Spirit of God that is within them, and thus they gain a better sense of God's will on this world.

Then the statement . . .

"This was accomplished in much the same way as the loyal midway creatures function when they serve as efficient contact guardians of the human minds of the Urantia reserve corps of destiny at those times when the Adjuster is, in effect, detached from the personality."

. . . tells us that the midwayers serve as guardians when the Adjuster is detached. When the Adjuster leaves for a period of time the human mind of this mortal must be guarded from the penetration of Caligastia. This may be necessary because members of the Reserve Corp of Destiny are forward-looking individuals. They have wide ranging minds; Caligastia may attempt to mislead them if the midwayer did not protect against this threat. Caligastia is not interested in penetrating the minds of other mortals except where they give themselves over to him; other mortals do not play keys roles in unfolding planetary destiny.

Page 1257: -- The twelve groups of Urantia destiny reservists are composed of mortal inhabitants of the sphere who have been rehearsed for numerous crucial positions on earth and are held in readiness to act in possible planetary emergencies. This combined corps

now consists of 962 persons. The smallest corps numbers 41 and the largest 172. With the exception of less than a score of contact personalities, the members of this unique group are wholly unconscious of their preparation for possible function in certain planetary crises. These mortal reservists are chosen by the corps to which they are respectively attached and are likewise trained and rehearsed in the deep mind by the combined technique of Thought Adjuster and seraphic guardian ministry. Many times numerous other celestial personalities participate in this unconscious training, and in all this special preparation the midwayers perform valuable and indispensable services.


This statement again confirms our suggestion that midwayers function to assist the Adjuster in conveying to the mortal mind those concepts and information necessary for that mortal to function in certain planetary crises. The mortal is rehearsed in the deep mind but is wholly unconscious of the activity. Curiously, some human mortals are contact personalities and are conscious of the contact, although it is possible they may not fully understand the purpose or the process. Sadler certainly was one of those.

Page 1208: -- The Adjuster of the human being through whom this communication is being made enjoys such a wide scope of activity chiefly because of this human's almost complete indifference to any outward manifestations of the Adjuster's inner presence; it is indeed fortunate that he remains consciously quite unconcerned about the entire procedure. He holds one of the highly experienced Adjusters of his day and generation, and yet his passive reaction to, and inactive concern toward, the phenomena associated with the presence in his mind of this versatile Adjuster is pronounced by the guardian of destiny to be a rare and fortuitous reaction. And all this constitutes a favorable co-ordination of influences, favorable both to the Adjuster in the higher sphere of action and to the human partner from the standpoints of health, efficiency, and tranquillity.

This statement leads many to draw a parallel between the human subject of Sadler's study who was quite unconcerned about the entire procedure and this individual who "remains consciously quite unconcerned about the entire procedure." He would also then be "the human being through whom this communication is being made." But who was the human being "who enjoys such a wide scope of activity?" It could not have been the sleeping subject, with his great lack of concern. It had to be Sadler who engaged in such a wide scope of activity. If the Adjuster was working with SS how did that subject reconcile the leadings of the Adjuster? Did Sadler not work in the higher levels of intellectual comprehension and destiny concern? Did the human subject recognize the working of the Adjuster within him, or did Sadler since childhood learn a passive reaction to and inactive concern for those leadings which took place in his mind?

One other passage relates to the process of the presentation of this great Revelation.

Page 1243 -- All seraphim have individual names, but in the records of assignment to world service they are frequently designated by their planetary numbers. At the universe headquarters they are registered by name and number. The destiny guardian of the human subject used in this contactual communication is number 3 of group 17, of company 126, of battalion 4, of unit 384, of legion 6, of host 37, of the 182,314th seraphic army of Nebadon. The current planetary assignment number of this seraphim on Urantia and to this human subject is 3,641,852.


Again, is this human subject the human subject of Sadler's study, or the human subject of celestial activity? The inference of the human subject of these statements depends upon our perspective. The text can be weighed against either hypothesis. But now the arguments are sufficiently strong to demonstrate that this individual must have been Sadler. He could not have been SS.

Page 865 -- 3. Contact personalities. In the contacts made with the mortal beings of the material worlds, such as with the subject through whom these communications were transmitted, the midway creatures are always employed. They are an essential factor in such liaisons of the spiritual and the material levels.


Yet again, we can see why there had been such confusion in the identification of the "subject through whom these communications were transmitted." Sadler's reference to the "sleeping subject" would make that identity certain. And Sadler definitely placed such interpretation on these passages. It simply never occurred to him, nor would it have been in the capacity of his thought, to believe it might mean someone other than the sleeping subject. The choice was natural for him. He, and his family, and all those he came into personal contact with, became imbued with the idea that these passages meant the sleeping subject. The idea of his sleeping patient being the sleeping subject, hence the subject of these passages, was natural for him to assume. But the passage does not speak of a "sleeping subject." It speaks merely of a "subject," as viewed from heavenly perspectives, not earthly views. Sadler was the subject through whom the communications came, not the sleeping man. But Sadler would never have entertained the possibility that he was the "subject," he was too humble a man for such egotism.

Page 865 -- The 1,111 loyal secondary midwayers are engaged in important missions on earth. As compared with their primary associates, they are decidedly material. They exist just outside the range of mortal vision and possess sufficient latitude of adaptation to make, at will, physical contact with what humans call "material things." These unique creatures have certain definite powers over the things of time and space, not excepting the beasts of the realm.


Many of the more literal phenomena ascribed to angels have been performed by the secondary midway creatures. When the early teachers of the gospel of Jesus were thrown into prison by the ignorant religious leaders of that day, an actual "angel of the Lord" "by night opened the prison doors and brought them forth." But in the case of Peter's deliverance after the killing of James by Herod's order, it was a secondary midwayer who performed the work ascribed to an angel.


Thus we have direct confirmation that the midway creatures could manipulate the voice and the muscles of SS to produce the effects which so compelled Sadler. And they worked with him only when he was fully asleep, in order that they not violate his free will dignity. They did not enter his mind, and they did not talk with him through his mental neural circuits.

While these several passages explain the mechanisms involved in the revelation of The Urantia Papers, and identify for us the "subject," the key personality in bringing the revelation to the world, there is still one word which states how the process of the final revelation was accomplished.

(And it was by just such a fortuitous combination of cosmic adjustments that these revelations were materialized in the English language on Urantia.)

The key word is "materialized." The Urantia Papers were materialized. The final and authorized text appeared suddenly, in written form. It did not "come through" SS, nor did it come through any sordid spiritualist performance. It came miraculously.

At this point it may be helpful to describe some of the episodes which brought Sadler around to the possibility of divine personalities working intimately with this world. One anecdote which was told privately to others concerned an unusual event early in Sadler's experience with SS.

Some time in 1910 the Sadlers were awakened early one morning by an urgent telephone call from the wife of SS. She was beside herself. Something almost frightening had taken place during the night. When she awoke she found their apartment in some disarray, with piles of papers scattered about. She immediately awakened her husband. They examined the papers and found they contained written material on the subjects of the revelation. She immediately called Sadler. As Lena later described it, they were like firemen racing down the street in their bathrobes to the home of SS. Sadler found the piles of papers, much where SS and his wife had left them.

They counted about 400 pages, all covered with the handwriting of SS. The mass of material would have required the entire night for the man to write. It was coherent and organized, certainly not something a person would have done in his sleep, as a sleepwalker wanders around, semiconscious, but not in control of his actions. Sadler immediately tested the man's hand and arm for fatigue but found none. His muscles were as though he had done nothing the entire night. What was truly going on?

As Sadler wrote to Willie White on November 6, 1910, "I have had a very exceptional, and to me, a very remarkable experience."

At that point Sadler had sufficient evidence to recognize that the phenomenon of SS was more than the product of the man's mind. It was miraculous, but Sadler, being so practically minded, was unwilling to label it such.

This was only the first step in a series of miraculous events. As described in the preceding chapter, the Forum members became intimately involved in the unfolding of the Revelation. If they did not ask questions there would be no response. Many of those members believed the revelators were unsure of human perception, and therefore depended on the questions to determine the style and content of the Revelation. But such view is primitive. Our celestial overseers know us inside out. It would be foolish to not recognize this. They did not need a group of human beings to show them the way. The real purpose of this procedure was to get the members emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually devoted to the Revelation. According to anecdotes, changes would be made in individual papers from the questions generated by the Forum members after they read the papers. Thus the members came to believe they were important contributors, and helped form the content of the Revelation. They probably were guided to such view by the Revelators, in order to keep them closely involved, and faithful to the Revelation.

Sadler told the story of how the miracle of the Revelation began to unfold. As I discussed earlier, Sadler and the Forum members were reprimanded for not asking more pertinent questions. As that process unfolded another strange event occurred. A list of questions was generated after one Sunday session. Sadler placed these questions in his office, in preparation for the next episode with SS, whenever that might occur. But something new took place. When Sadler went for the questions they had disappeared. In their place was a paper in response to the questions. Sadler thought that perhaps someone in the family had played a trick on him, but everyone denied it. No other persons should have had access to his private office. Did someone else do it? In order to reassure himself, he took the next list of questions to his bank box, where he placed them, under his private lock. As the story is told, he went on a Friday evening just before bank closing to ensure that no one else would have access. He then returned Monday morning when the bank opened, before anyone else had opportunity to get into the box. When he opened the box the same miracle had taken place, The questions were gone. They had been replaced by a paper.

Thus Sadler was led through a series of steps which prepared him for the final miracle of the revelation. Then, after ten years of activity with the Forum, the authorized Papers appeared. They came in groups, or sets, without questions from the Forum. They became the actual Revelation. Sadler was instructed to destroy all preliminary Papers.

The actual Revelation was in an unknown handwriting, not that of SS. And here is where Sadler was tested again. Whose handwriting was it? He took samples of handwriting from members of the Forum and his family to handwriting analysts, together with samples of the Papers. The analysts could not identify the source. It certainly was not in the handwriting of SS.

Thus we can grasp how Sadler was gradually conditioned to the miracle of the actual Revelation.

Unfortunately, because of his mid-western conservative mind, Sadler never fully came to grips with the possibility of an actual miracle. His explanation was that SS received messages through his Thought Adjuster, and that the midwayers, "through skillful penetration of the mind of the latter's indwelling" then had contact with that information from the Spirit of the Father within SS, and thus were able to place on paper the content of the Revelation. Sadler was led to this deduction because of the passages of revelation discussed above. First, he failed to recognize that he was the "Contact Personality." He understood that to be SS. Then the "skillful penetration of the mind of the latter's indwelling" had to be SS. He clung to this view in spite of the fact that he was unable to find any trace of the material in the mind of SS. He also failed to realize that the midwayers could communicate directly with planetary and universe supervisors, to produce the text. Why go through the mind of SS?

Sadler's model was a torturous route to find an explanation for a process which was really quite simple. And all because it never occurred to him that he was the Contact Personality.

The Papers identify certain segments of the Revelation to specific years. According to internal references the following Papers were revealed in the years shown:

Page 354 -- These thirty-one papers depicting the nature of Deity, the reality of Paradise, the organization and working of the central and superuniverses, the personalities of the grand universe, and the high destiny of evolutionary mortals, were sponsored, formulated, and put into English by a high commission consisting of twenty-four Orvonton administrators acting in accordance with a mandate issued by the Ancients of Days of Uversa directing that we should do this on Urantia, 606 of Satania, in Norlatiadek of Nebadon, in the year A.D. 1934.

The thirty-one Papers compose Part I of The Urantia Papers.  

Page 648 -- This paper on Universal Unity is the twenty-fifth of a series of presentations by various authors, having been sponsored as a group by a commission of Nebadon personalities numbering twelve and acting under the direction of Mantutia Melchizedek. We indited these narratives and put them in the English language, by a technique authorized by our superiors, in the year 1934 of Urantia time.


The Paper on Universal Unity is Number 56, and thus the last of those in Part II, the Section on The Local Universe.   This dates the revelation of Part II to 1934.  

Page 707 -- From the year A.D. 1934 back to the birth of the first two human beings is just 993,419 years.

This remark occurs in Paper 62 and would place it as part of the group revealed in 1934.  

Page 710 -- It is just 993,408 years ago (from the year A.D. 1934) that Urantia was formally recognized as a planet of human habitation in the universe of Nebadon. Biologic evolution had once again achieved the human levels of will dignity; man had arrived on planet 606 of Satania.

This remark, again in Paper 62, has the same date as the remark on page 707.

Page 716 -- Onagar was born 983,323 years ago (from A.D. 1934), and he lived to be sixty-nine years of age. The record of the achievements of this master mind and spiritual leader of the pre-Planetary Prince days is a thrilling recital of the organization of these primitive peoples into a real society. He instituted an efficient tribal government, the like of which was not attained by succeeding generations in many millenniums. Never again, until the arrival of the Planetary Prince, was there such a high spiritual civilization on earth. These simple people had a real though primitive religion, but it was subsequently lost to their deteriorating descendants.

This remark falls into the same category as the preceding two.

Page 828 -- ADAM AND EVE arrived on Urantia, from the year A.D. 1934, 37,848 years ago. It was in midseason when the Garden was in the height of bloom that they arrived. At high noon and unannounced, the two seraphic transports, accompanied by the Jerusem personnel intrusted with the transportation of the biologic uplifters to Urantia, settled slowly to the surface of the revolving planet in the vicinity of the temple of the Universal Father. All the work of rematerializing the bodies of Adam and Eve was carried on within the precincts of this newly created shrine. And from the time of their arrival ten days passed before they were re-created in dual human form for presentation as the world's new rulers. They regained consciousness simultaneously. The Material Sons and Daughters always serve together. It is the essence of their service at all times and in all places never to be separated. They are designed to work in pairs; seldom do they function alone.


Again, this remark falls in the same group as the preceding.  This internal evidence shows that all Papers through 74 were revealed in 1934.

Page 1319 -- This paper, depicting the seven bestowals of Christ Michael, is the sixty-third of a series of presentations, sponsored by numerous personalities, narrating the history of Urantia down to the time of Michael's appearance on earth in the likeness of mortal flesh. These papers were authorized by a Nebadon commission of twelve acting under the direction of Mantutia Melchizedek. We indited these narratives and put them in the English language, by a technique authorized by our superiors, in the year A.D. 1935 of Urantia time.


This remark suggets that these sixty-three Papers, comprising Part III, the Section on The History of Urantia, were revealed in 1935.  However, all date references after page 651, showing 1934, are included in this set, as well as Paper 74 on  Adam and Eve.  Thus an internal contradiction exists in the dating.  I have no explanation for this contradiction.

Other than this we have no internal dating on the actual Revelation. There are no dates in the Jesus Papers. We have no testimony to show when they came, or that they came as a unique group.