2005 - 2



Hundred Acres (East Field), Alton Priors, Wiltshire.

Reported 3rd July.


We can see that the Crop Circle phenomenon is being assumed by human engineers. Not only have they refined their techniques, they now are absorbing all the interest of the investigators. Human defilement is taking over heavenly communication. We can understand why Colin Andrews became so disgusted and gave up his pursuit of the grain circles. He may be reaching an elderly age, but his motive was his reaction to such vast human interference.


This configuration of squares within squares is an illustration of what man can do, as I illustrated earlier. It has many of the components of previous fakes. If you examine the photograph from Lucy Pringle below you will see irregularities in the execution. The small thin blocks with the rectangular cells are of different width; the wall of the blocks are different thicknesses, and the running lines along the blocks are irregular. Note the different separation of the grain on the outer edges where the triangular standing grain remains.

Silbury Hill (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire.

Reported 9th July.


Field report by Mike Callahan:


My Field Report was carried out on the afternoon after the formation was discovered. There were no ‘grapeshot’ circles outside the formation. On entering it struck me how very little crop was standing. In many of the formations this year there have been standing tufts and/or individual undamaged stems. Very little of this here.  In fact the lay was generally tidy and going in a clockwise formation around the formation. There were no ‘nests’ in the formation.


One part of the formation had 16 or so spaces and standing crop in between. The crop lay was facing towards the outer band. Again there was very little standing crop. This was in contrast to the other section of the formation where the crop converged. Here the crop lay was facing away from the outer band.


An interesting feature of the formation was the way that the crop was often swept back and not totally flattened. I moved some of this crop out of the way and underneath the crop was neatly lay down facing in a different direction. There were some areas where there were 2/3 layers of crop.


I checked out the nodes. I found no evidence of any bending of nodes. I found no evidence of elongation of the node immediately beneath the seed head when compared with other crop elsewhere in the field, (at least not to the naked eye). I found no evidence of blown out nodes. I sampled the crop from the formation with crop from elsewhere in the field and could not find any significant differences visible with the naked eye. This hasn’t been the case with other formations this year. The tracks in the formation were very intricate. Again, the crop lay was very neat and tidy.

Lane End Down, nr Winchester, Hampshire.

Reported 10th July.


When we look at this image with the logical or material mind it appears that only one conclusion can be drawn from the image.  Perhaps an ancient weapon as a spiked ball and chain of the Roman gladiators or the more modern weapon, a sea mine.

None the less, it is more than likely seen as a weapon of war.  With that, will often times bring negative feelings.  These thoughts evoke the elements of separation, unknowing, right or wrong and the shadow.  It is important that we become conscious of our views and the energies it leaves lingering in our spirit.  When we take a view from this perspective, then only one conclusion can be drawn.  There is a another perspective that can be attained which is found at another level. It can be seen when we call on our higher powers of spirit.  Hidden within the geometry is an unseen six pointed star.  This is a symbol of the union of Earth and Sky and that of perfect balance and all that exists.  It is something that can be found in all things. This is the representation of the spiritual or higher path of spirit.  Together these two elements of the weapon and the star, reveal a symbol of polarity.  It is the elements of the seen and the unseen world, balance and chaos, harmony and disharmony.  Only by pulling into one's higher powers of spirit does one arm one's self with the tools of the spiritual warrior, necessary to see what truly exists and assist one's self to a higher perspective.  A shadow can not exist without the element of light.  It is in the balance.  From what view did we see this formation and are we using our full potential as beings of the Earth

Many Blessings


I can add little to these sentiments expressed by Bearcloud. The crop circles are taking on a depiction repulsive to many of us. The scattered grape shot shows the explosion of this tool of human war, certainly an underwater mine, and not a Roman spiked ball.

At this point I stopped all further investigation into Crop Circles.

Many of the formations from 2005 show human creation.

A few might be from our Celestial Visitors, but it no longer

makes any difference. We have had our opportunity.

Events are now coming down upon us. As I write this

on the morning of May 12, 2006 I anticipate stupendous

heavenly events that will take us far beyond crop circles.

May God be with all of us.


Ernest Moyer