2004 - 1


The year 2004 was a real surprise to me. The paucity of

real circles, and the plethora of fakes was almost shocking.

Did the Circle Makers know how we would behave,

and anticipate our actions? Heaven only knows.


Falmer, East Sussex.
Reported 28th May.


We can see that only human formations appear in April and May of this year. Even this display from late May has me questioning.


I quote segments from the report by Andy Thomas and Allan Brown:


. . . The lay inside at first appears rough, but it seems much crop recovery has taken place and the pattern may have been there a week or more before we inspected it.  The design is regular and pleasing, however.


Because the formation was already several days old, it was initially almost impossible to make out the original lay of the crop.  In fact, everything appears to have been laid in a clockwise direction, but the crop had grown back up from its

prone position so vigorously and then collapsed either to the left or the right, that it gave the impression that the lay was almost random in its nature, or that the design was made up from wind lodging. 


Despite this haphazard looking lay, we think the formation would have originally looked very neat and orderly, which David Russell's aerial shots clearly suggest.  Walking around it immediately left a level of damage that was not apparent when we first walked in.  The crop didn't look particularly kinked, broken or damaged.  The outer satellites of the design have certain similarities to the Sompting "Triangular Triplets" that appeared in 1993 and 1999, although the proportions of this are somewhat different.  The most impressive feature is the delicacy with which the various circles touch each other, leaving small gateways to walk through.  These gateways are gaps of 2-3 feet or less, sometimes just a thin veil of single stalks.  To maintain this level of accuracy over the whole formation is a very impressive achievement, especially as there are no clear signs of any underpaths leading to the centres of the various component circles. 

The Ridgeway, Nr West Overton,
Wiltshire. Reported 30th May.

For me, personally, this formation has the feel of a fake. Irregularities in width, and placement cause me to be skeptical, although the Crop Circle people in England accepted it as a valid formation.

 Fort Nelson, nr Portchester, Hampshire.
Reported 11th June.


Text from Stuart Dike:

Close to the Roman port of Portchester, and behind the Nelson's Obelisk monument and naval Fort, is a rather picturesque location, which became the home to an extremely surprising event. This particular formation formed in an area very new to the phenomenon, and indeed appeared without being reported for a good week before we arrived.   

The emergence of this design in 2004, caused great excitement in the community. Never before have we seen such a close representation to the ancient engravings we see from the burial sites of New Grange Ireland (3rd & 4th millennium BC) and the temple of Al Tarxien, Malta 2400-2300 BC: The significance of the design is quite attractive, as the principle in the design indicates quite clearly that there is a message of transference from one world to the other. Basically the ancient symbolism was used on several occasions as

the spiritual barrier into the inner sanctuary. The cross over from the transient world to be reborn. This theme was used throughout the Megalithic and Neolithic worlds: in much of Europe, in Mexico, in China and in Egypt. It possibly suggests the balance of the opposing energies, by which enlightenment can be eventually reached. . . . indeed there are opposing sides, as one side of he formation is clearly different from the other.  

On the ground, within the formation, the floor pattern demonstrated superb control, to create the spiralled effect. It was the first time we have seen a formation of this design on the ground. A similar design occurred on 2002 at West Overton, indicating an ancient engraving, but this is the first time we have seen two opposing spirals merge.

But with this profound symbol in front of us, after a rather long journey to see it, we were confronted with the darker side to crop circling. The wrath of the Farmer, or should we say the Farmer's son. However the misunderstanding of us being allowed entry by the son's father, resulted in rather unsavoury comments being pasted in our direction when the son returned. It was an unfortunate situation, as our time in the formation had to be cut short. But we managed to see it, that was the important factor. My hope in this rather quiet season so far, is that we continue to see designs of this nature occurring.  

Honey Street, nr Alton Barnes,
Wiltshire. Reported 16th June.


Related to the lay on the ground I would like to show you what I think it is an interesting feature of the Honeystreet formation. As you know the circle is in wheat but among the wheat plants one can find a dozen or so of standing barley stems. That's very strange because the wheat plants that are flattened "embrace" the low part of the barley stems without affecting or damaging them. "Who" created that circle knew exactly what to do.

Fabio Borziani

Milk Hill, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire

Reported 26th June.


This formation clearly represent an insect, but not one that could easily be identified. Various proposals were made, none of them satisfactory to everyone. Nevertheless it is spectacular.



Coombe Abbey, nr Coventry, Warwickshire.

Reported 4th July.

















Text from Stuart Dike:


The principle of the geometry involved with this design has been seen on many occasions. It is situated within the grounds of the original Cistercian Abbey, Coombe Abbey. Many centuries later the famous Landscape Architect "Lancelot Capability Brown" redesigned the grounds. The phenomenon could have two profound representations involved in the design. The first possibility is the use of the vessel of the Fish, or commonly known as the Vesica Piscis. It has been seen for the last fourteen years, within countless formations, of various sizes and complexities.

In 2004 we once again witness this principle, within this latest design. This surprising event, in an area unknown to formations, shows the Vessel of the Fish in dramatic form, demonstrating the importance of the meaning within our modern day society. But what is the history to this mystical shape? 


Although we may not agree with Stuart's assessment of this formation it certainly is curious. The geometric construction is summarized in the diagram. We can see that it is composed of a series of circles and ellipses.



Pewsey White Horse (2), nr Pewsey, Wiltshire. Reported 20th July.



Events surrounding the appearance of Pewsey White Horse formation, July 19/20 2004 

by Charles R Mallett 

The Dinner Party 

On the evening of July 19 2004 a dinner party was held at Avebury, hosted by members of the “Norwegian Crop Circle Group”, headed by Eva Marie Brekkesto. Also in attendance was circle researcher Charles R Mallett and farmers, James and Ellie Strong, owners of the farm land in the region of the white horse at Pewsey in Wiltshire, where the above formation now resides.

        On the menu for this evening social event was a sumptuous traditional Norwegian four course supper and the inevitable copious helpings of animated discussion regarding the manifestation of crop circle events, their apparent effects on people, the science and indeed the whole range of anomalous phenomena that permeate this enduring enigma.

        Mr and Mrs Strong have in previous years received a number of formations on their land and approach the subject with open minds, laced with a hearty dose of understandable scepticism. This approach however took a substantial jolt in July 2002 when their field of wheat directly below the white horse was visited by a most impressive and sophisticated crop glyph, “The Nautilus”, leaving the farm owners and serious researchers alike struck with awe as the inexplicable event presented itself under extremely bizarre localized circumstances.

        Our mutually informative and cordial evening ended at midnight with several of the party exclaiming “how amazing it would be if the farm was once again the venue for a serious crop circle event” in the light of the evenings conversations. With this on our collective minds we said our goodbyes and parted company. 

The Shock  

           At 0800 hrs on the 20th of July Eva Marie received a telephone call from a rather shaken Mrs Strong. Incredibly there was indeed a new formation on the Strong’s land, not only that, it was directly below the white horse in their fast maturing wheat, just a very short distance from where the 2002 event had manifest almost exactly two years earlier.   Permission was granted immediately for the dinner party group of circle researchers to enter the new event as soon as possible and conduct serious objective examination of the enigmatic new arrival. With great haste and excitement that was palpable the researchers gathered all necessary equipment and made the short dash to the Strong’s farm. 

The Circle    

          Walking up the tramlines at (approx) 0900 hrs we could clearly see that the new crop circle was spanning just fewer than three tramlines and measured in at a modest (approx) 180 ft diameter. As we made our approach all defining edges to the event looked sharp to the point of cookie cutter perfection. The pace quickened as we took the final steps to the edge of the formation. From here the whole event was more or less visible, spread out before us like the “female of ages” Even though in terms of size and shape it was not particularly sophisticated, its balance, poise and simplicity gave it an instant quality of its very own.

            From our vantage point we were able to discern a very slick and smooth laid crop area that seemed to extend throughout the entire formation in a seamless water-like flow, rippling and banking as the laid down crop curved in and out of the perimeter cantors of the little glyph.   

Close Up Impressions  

       For the next two hours or so the formation received close quarters examination to determine the validity of the glyph as a genuine paranormal event.

It very quickly became apparent that we were not the first people to have entered the formation. Evidence was suggesting that a small number of visitors had indeed been in the formation. These earlier visitors had left a number of rather crude impressions in the otherwise perfect laid crop areas including a very clumsy and obvious path through the standing crop leading to one of the four outer detached circles. Also in some central areas of the formation severe plant crushing had occurred leaving one with the impression that hapless visitors had taken absolutely no care in how they had conducted themselves whilst in this formation.

        It is noteworthy to separate the type of damage to the wheat plants detailed above from the much more subtle hoaxer marks and activity occasionally found in circles of a more suspect nature. All the damage that was found can be attributed to a few visitors who had happened across the circle.

Aside from the specified damage the glyph was clean and neat with no traces of organized human activity that would suggest that the formation was a fake; therefore it was the conclusion of all those present that this crop circle formation represents a genuine and unexplained happening. Subsequent examination by other experienced researchers has drawn the same conclusions and at the time of writing this one goes in the category of genuine crop circles, with no definite explanation pending.  

The Black Helicopter 

           Less than ten minutes into the examination of the formation the situation in the local airspace took a rather odd turn. From behind the hill and white horse came a rather sinister black helicopter, no decals, numbers or ID markings were to be seen on the aircraft at all. The Chopper purposely approached the new glyph and spent several minutes circling very low, occasionally hovering, as if taking photographs of the formation, allowing all present to get a very close look at the thing. The Chopper then flew away, only to return twice more over the course of the next fifteen minutes. Each time it returned it carried out similar manoeuvres in the immediate area where the formation had just some hours earlier arrived.     

My main question now is why do Norwegian’s not cook their fish before serving it to dinner guests?! 

Many thanks to James and Ellie Strong for their generous hospitality and for allowing us to enter their field and evaluate the above crop circle event. 

Etchilhampton Hill, nr Devizes,
Wiltshire. Reported 25th July.


Note that each succeeding circle is based on odd, and primary numbers: 13, 11, and 7.