2003 - 5



East Field, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

Reported 2nd August.


Text from Stuart Dike:

East Field, has become a legendary field in the history of crop circles in the general Avebury area. This field is over half a mile in length, and is without a doubt the largest field for crop circles in Wiltshire. A showcase location!  

We wait, we wait and we wait, but for countless weeks we see no showing for an East Field crop circle event. All of the other formations that appear around this enigmatic field, we always anticipate that it will contain possibly one the best formations of the season.  

Oh! This was basically the reaction when we finally received word of the East Field event. Not what anyone was expecting, and in a way perhaps a little disappointing. 

I felt this design fell short of these perhaps unfair expectations. But I think everyone who has witnessed countless formations in East Field over the many years of crop circling will understand.  

The 2003 design was positioned more central within the field, so it was quite unexpected to see a design of this type. The “Tree of Knowledge” from 2002 was positioned correctly for the type of formation that it was. But the “Dolphins” later in the 2002 season, was more central and certainly more befitting for East Field.  

However one doesn’t want to condemn this design, as it was certainly an interesting departure from many designs we have seen this year, and firmly establishes the contrasting designs and the unpredictability of the entire 2003 season.  

Inside of the formation was very intriguing indeed. We walked around this formation taking pole shots, video footage etc. But while this was happening we were always discovering unique aspects to this formation, and also it reminded us of the old days, with many people coming into it. However it didn’t provide the impression that I wish to stay here for very long. This also seemed to be the same for other people who also generally didn’t stay long. Very unusual, but after our shoot for the DVD we felt the weather was too hot to stay.  

The overall floor construction was average, there were signs of breakage in certain parts of the formation, but that may have been due to people walking around, as we weren’t the first into this formation.

Only six days after this event in East Field, we received the “Sister” formation at South Field.  

Morgan's Hill, nr Bishop Cannings, Wiltshire.

Reported 3rd August. 


This formation is interesting because of the lines that radiate from the center. Not only do we have nested crescents with a focus on one side of the formation, but also an orientation that emphasizes the center. One can see how the lines are placed within the outer and inner crescents but completely missing from the middle crescent. The small circle is located exactly between the outside focus and the center of the formation. The middle crescent appears to divide the radius of the formation at its major extent. This makes it as three crescents with radii of 1/0, 2/3, and 1/2. This is the type of design one would see on an ancient amulet, from Egypt, or elsewhere.

This crop circle was photographed at the bronze age Devils Arrows Standing Stones site at Boroughbridge in North Yorkshire on Sunday 3rd August. As you can see from the image the circle sits between the two standing stones almost spanning the entire width of the field. A third stone which is the largest of the three is hidden by the trees across the road. The stones are said to be in alignment with the Thornborough Henge monument which lies ten miles north of Boroughbridge.

Wallace Hetherington

Devils Arrows, nr Boroughbridge, North Yorkshire. Reported 3rd August.


This formation seems a let down from the unusual displays of early August. However, its location shows an intent of display by the Circle Makers. Can you imagine hoaxers choosing such a location, adjacent to and within sight of a village?


Walkers Hill, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

Reported 4th August.

Text from Stuart Dike:

“You won’t believe this” These were the words of our cameraman on the phone from a flight he had just taken over this formation. Indeed it was hard to believe but there it was! Our team was mesmerized and inspired.

We have seen numerous and contrasting crop circle formation from the 2003 season. Some good, some not so good, but this particular event at Walker’s Hill stands head and shoulders above the rest for many reasons. If any formation were to challenge the Swallows it would be the North Down shield. But we end the seasons’ reports on the Walker’s Hill formation, as this was the highlight or curtain closer in our opinion.  

I have mentioned over the many years of writing reports on the formations, that positioning in the landscape and power and presence are vitally important in not only experiencing formations, but also for the effect they potentially create on the individual.  

“The Swallows,” as they have come to be called, are quite exquisite, not only in their construction but also proportionally, and also their position in the landscape.  

The natural dip below Walker’s Hill, which is the hill you climb up to Adam’s Grave creates its own amphitheater. Milk Hill is just on the other side. This truly is a wonderful spot for a formation, and no other formation has positioned itself so close

to the hillside in this dip in the field. What a wonderful experience it was to be in this location and the sense of peace was quite tangible, unlike anywhere else I have experienced within a formation. Not even the remote field at the North Down field can create the shear awe-inspiring location of Walker’s Hill.  

I remember we had a formation in the 2000 season, the ‘Set of Circles.’ But that formation was set back further into the same field as the Swallows, but not exactly in the dip towards the White Horse. On referring back to the 2000 design, we can once again see similarities, not of course in the actual representation of the design, but in the fact that we see the echoes of the decreasing circles. However, this time we witness birds. Fascinating, and this was only just realized on researching our archives, as this is fundamental in connecting designs to previous formations.  

The connections between these two formations, and indeed three years apart from one another, certainly I feel have some significance.  Whatever that is could be for someone else to discover, but I felt it had to be mentioned, as they have both appeared in the same field.  

The Swallows main floor construction was certainly very impressive indeed, and very flat to the ground!  This is more apparent in the wings of the birds, as they lay fanned out in both directions, beautifully on every bird’s wing. Down the center or spine a running pathway separates the floor directions, and this was repeated once again on each the diminishing birds.  

 A truly groundbreaking design for the 2003 season, which may be the start of such patterns in the future? Only time will tell, but for the Connector team, this was the natural curtain closer to the 2003 season, executed in dramatic style and grace!  We say thank you to the Circlemakers for allowing us to experience this formation in such wonderful surroundings.  

South Field, nr Alton Priors, Wiltshire.

Reported 8th August.


Story from Bert Janssen:

It was still morning when I entered the crop circle in the South Field at the foot of Woodborough Hill near Alton Barnes on August 8th 2003. It was hot and it would become even hotter. That was already noticeable earlier that morning when Linda Moulton Howe told me about this new formation. She and Andy Buckley had done a nightwatch on Woodborough Hill the night before. They especially watched the South Field because Andy had the strong feeling that something would happen there. At midnight they left the hill. They had not seen anything, not heard anything and they were sure that there was nothing in the South Field on the moment they left.

And now, together with Andy, Linda and a few others, I had just stepped into this new crop circle in the South Field. I looked and did not know what to think of it. After I had walked around for a while I had figured out that the shape resembled very much the crop circle that had come down in the East Field on August 2. Some sort of Celtic Knot. I had also been in the East Field formation. That crop circle had really looked like a terrible mess, like as if a great violent force had downed the crop. The formation in the South Field looked better but also gave me the impression that a lot of violence had been used to flatten the crop. I also noticed that it lacked a real flow, but I realized at the same time that it was already late in the season and it had been a hot summer. The crop was ripe, perhaps even beyond ripe.


I took out my video camera and made some routine shots. Others present had still cameras with them, like German photographer Frank Laumen. Later on it turned out that nobody had taken any photos, even not Frank Laumen. Seemingly nobody had seen anything worthwhile photographing. In 2002 there had been a “Celtic Knot” crop circle in the South Field that had impressed everybody. Earlier in the 2003 season, on June 7th, a “Celtic Knot” formation had come down at Windmill Hill and again everybody was impressed. And now this “Celtic Knot” resembling formation had been discovered in the South Field and nobody took photos in the formation!


Not long after I had entered the crop circle, Dirk Moller from Germany, armed with a still camera and pole, stepped into the formation. He walked for several minutes around just murmuring in himself, and then decided to leave again. He never had taken his camera out of its bag. He just had looked around and had left again. His behaviour illustrated exactly how I was feeling.


No, this formation had no magic for me. I only saw violence. This was definitively a crop circle from Mars.

North Down (2), nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire.

Reported 10th August.

This very likely represents a mechanical model of a chemical molecule. It certainly has that appearance. In fact, the arrangement suggests a 3-D presentation. Again, the Circle Maker impress us with their finesse.


Below is a picture, taken later, where the farmer has become very angry. He has gone in with his combine equipment and partially destroyed the formation.


How human reaction goes to celestial interference in our world.