2002 - 4



Windmill Hill (2), nr Avebury, Wiltshire.

Reported 2nd August.


Curiously, this formation has 37 spokes, not 36. Thus it does not follow a rule of 360 degrees divided by 10. This extra spoke does not seem to be an accident.


The intricate design certainly was not done my man.

Nursteed, nr Devizes, Wiltshire.

Reported 11th August.

When a protractor is used to create other circles with the same diameter from the edge of a first circle, one obtains six evenly spaced circles. Here the design incorporates such circles, but then doubled at even spacing around the perimeter of the first circle, to make 12 circles. The entire effect, with select areas of crop pushed down, shows as an interwoven ball or bowl.


East field(3), nr Alton Barnes. Wiltshire.

Reported 14th August.


This formation has been dubbed the "Dolphins." At first glance it certainly appears that way. However, when I looked at Lucy Pringle's second picture I was astounded to see what appears as a second formation superimposed upon the first, and situated IN THE AIR slightly above the first.


See picture below.


If the Circle Makers could produce a ribbon effect, as we saw earlier, they certainly could produce this illusion. Of course, what we perceive depends upon viewing angle, lighting conditions, and other factors. But the illusion is seen even in the first photograph. It is the kind of geometric construction we create in our 3-D drawings done on 2-dimensional paper.

Crabwood Farm House, nr Winchester, Hampshire. Reported 15th August.

This is a most incredible crop formation. It shows how well our Celestial Visitors know us. They have taken our image of their appearance and reproduced it here in a field of grain. It may be that they do indeed appear like this to human beings who are subject to their study, as I have elsewhere discussed. But for them to admit this interactive relationship between celestial and human beings is absolutely fascinating. Certainly there could be no closer connection between our understanding of our Visitors and their presence. Here Crop Circles are directly tied to Celestial Visitors. What was merely geometric symbolization in a multitude of crop circles now becomes direct.

Furthermore, the coded disk directly incorporated into this formation shows a means of communication never before so clearly offered. Unfortunately, I do not know of anyone who has successfully decoded the disk. How great it would be if we had someone who could do that.


You can see the individual segments of the coding interspersed around the circle in a continuous spiral. The coding is made up of several different length blocks and spaces in 14 spiral circles. One could lay it out as a straight string. Certainly an ingenious method for giving a lengthy message. Equally incredible is the ability of the Circle Makers to do this in spite of the break up of the grain by the tractor lines.


The Germans make a music box that is driven by similar coded disks. I wonder what the music would sound like if this image were reproduced to play on such instrument.


This may be the first example of painting of pictures directly into grain. What human being would even come close to this display? Note that the image is formed at an angle to the tractor lines to prevent confusion between the image and the lines. The size of the image was chosen to produce such a profound effect.

I include here a full report from Stuart Dike and the Crop Connector staff. I feel it is important enough to show their reaction to this most amazing display.


Winchester, Hampshire.  August 15 2002

The Scary Alien Formation 

M.J. Fussell, editor of the Crop Circle Connector web site, seemed a little flustered on the phone as he tried to inform me of a new crop glyph he had learned of the previous evening. From my end he sounded as if he was foaming at the mouth as he breathlessly tried to fill me in. All I got of any real value were the words 'alien' and 'coded disc'.  


'See it for yourself, I'm uploading an image right now'...

As the image of this most perplexing of crop formations appeared on the Silent Circle Cafe computer screen, faces filled with amazement, coupled with gasps of disbelief which permeated the building.  Human reaction to perceived alien contact, a very interesting thing to witness indeed. What we were looking at was without doubt the most stunning, atmospheric and indeed the most sinister crop glyph that has appeared to date. An alien with a CD, that's outrageous, but there it was, stretched across a field of ripe wheat in far out Hampshire. Our minds were made up there and then; we had to get on site ASAP. Something that subtle would no doubt take a severe battering from hoards of visitors. With this in mind the exact location of the new glyph was acquired and we were on our way. 

One and a half hours later and we were actually standing within the huge and, from zero elevation, almost totally incomprehensible alien body. Confusing would be an understatement here, even though we had seen the aerial image beforehand our ability to discern which part of the formation we were actually in was very difficult indeed. However once we had located the disc things began to get a little easier. That said, if one had not had the good fortune to see the overhead view before entering then the whole thing would have been near impossible to figure out.   

How did it look and feel? 

Very much like the 2001 Chilbolton 'Face' and 'Message' formations. Subjectively there were very strange and oppressive feelings within the new arrival. One could almost say feelings of foreboding and awe were the overriding flavours of this event, as indeed was the impression we both felt almost exactly one year earlier over at Chilbolton, just nine miles away. It really did seem that the same agency had been at work, only this time the finished product is utterly staggering, above and below, the 2001 events seem positively crude in comparison to this masterpiece, that alone is quite a statement when one considers the reaction to those events at the time.  Other interesting points of relationship include the fact that the new arrival is positioned on the highest point in the locality, as was the case at Chilbolton. Also there is the positioning of the formation in very close proximity to hi tech communications equipment, just like at Chilbolton, coincidence? I doubt it. Maybe this positioning is a deliberate attempt by whatever agency that created this series of images to cultivate this bizarre, sinister kind of scary feel. If this was the intention it works very well, leaving one with very mixed feelings of excitement, anticipation, and confusion and for many observers, fear, again probably as intended.  

All laid crop areas were extremely neat when we arrived, with no evidence of prior incursion by more than a couple of people, at most. We had beaten the rush and were given the privileged opportunity to have a really good hands and knees look at the un-trampled floor of this seemingly impossible design. That we did! 

With the total absence of 'stomper board' markings throughout all areas of the formation examined, we had to conclude that it was most unlikely that this is a standard fake. The damage we caused to the laid crop was shocking. Everywhere we stepped we were smashing the plants under our feet, leaving very obvious signs of human body weight on the mega brittle, bone dry plants. How could a crew of fakers be in there and not leave the whole thing, in terms of smashed up plants, massively traumatised. The crop was so dry and brittle that the very action of putting ones foot down caused everything underfoot to literally crumble into an ugly tangle of broken, shattered wheat. In short, what we experienced on the ground on day one cannot be reconciled with any ground based hoaxing methodology that we are aware of at this time.

Could it be for real? ET with a disc full of info for the people of the Earth, a very far out concept indeed. If they wish to have an overt communication why not just land the saucers in Hyde Park? 

Could it be a 'big brother' scam job, employing sophisticated airborne/ space borne technologies, intended to steer the real benevolent crop circle situation in a certain direction? Indeed, is there a technology that could do such a thing? All we could say for sure is that somehow this amazing work is there and was almost certainly created from above, (CFPR personal opinion). 

Utterly staggering and utterly confusing, just wait for the 2003 ET special.