2000 - 3



Under Milk Hill, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

Reported 1st July.



This design is similar to the last one on the preceding page in that it is based on 6 arcs drawn from the inner perimeter and then concentric arcs drawn around those which just meet in the center. The larger arcs do not cut the grain where they touch the smaller arcs. 

Stephen Castle Down, Upham,  Hampshire.

Reported 2nd July.


Twelve outer circles. Eight inner circles of alternating diameter. The larger inner circles overlapped the outer circles, but the smaller inner circles did not, leaving space. The inner group was 4 half circles, surrounding a single center circle. The center circle was just slightly larger than the smaller inner circles. Grapeshot circles added to the design.


Text from Stuart Dike:


The formation itself was extremely impressive. Not many people have visited the formation, as the crop was still flattened on a 30-degree angle. There were some incredibly beautiful features, within the outer semi circular sections of crop facing outwards towards the surrounding semi-rings. Each section had its own center, swirled in the traditional fashion, but oblong in appearance, so to accommodate the circumference outer wall of the formation itself. From the aerial photographs you can clearly see that the entire formation is made up of circles, in flattened and standing crop.


East Kennett, nr Avebury, Wiltshire.

Reported 2nd July.

Text from Charles Mallett:

Obviously in the same family as the "Surrealistic Pillow," this new formation to the South East of the West Kennett Longbarrow has a new kind of "weave," very unlike last summer's "Basket," so it looks more like some kind of cloth. Note it has hundreds of small rectangular standing clumps.

What we have here is a circle of downed wheat with a diameter of (approx) 180ft. Within this sizable circle is a standing square with sides measuring 139ft in length. OK, that I can handle, from here on in things get a little confusing. The square component of the formation has been carved up into an amazing 1600 pieces, in a square this size, with such a dense area of up and down crop it proved near impossible to get a grip on the overall pattern before us. Walking around in this maze of woven paths and intricate layering left me in a total spin, I think the best word to describe this formation from zero elevation would be, incomprehensible. With the above observations in mind it is worth noting that throughout the whole complex design there was very much a look and feel of quality, the construction of the square has been executed with great skill & precision. Standing back and  seeing a coherent pattern emerge from such a seemingly chaotic area of up & down sections of wheat was rather surprising and quite spectacular.

The following is an attempt to understand the design of this formation.

Text from Eleny:

I don't know much about fractals except that I like to make artwork with them. The attached image is a fractal that was generated by a program
called Fractal Vizion. Almost an hour before you posted in the fractal binary newsgroup, I had posted a version of this fractal that I post processed for color and texture. This attachment is the original generated by Fractal Vizion. I don't know if I can access the formula that created it. Perhaps Terry Gintz, who authored the program knows more about that.

(Note: A "heart" formation appeared next to this formation, in the same field, but I believe it is a fake. It is highly irregular in its geometry.)

A tale of a conversion experience from Kerry Blower:

I have had some experiences over the past ten years with crop circles, some have been mind expanding and some have been very sad. I have learned a lot about people and life through them and I am very glad about that. I would not change a thing that has happened to me. I feel that my intuition has intensified and I have grown up a lot, all because of the existence of the circles.

I really don’t feel that there could have been a better school of learning for me than the circles and it is still ongoing.

I turned my back on the circles two years ago when I discovered that most of my best male friends were making some of them. I became very angry and distrusting of everyone. My whole world came to an end as I had put so much of myself into the circles and they were ‘everything’ to me. I walked away from the circles with a very heavy heart and a lot less friends.

But hey! Isn’t life wonderful eh! I downloaded Pete Sorenson's picture of the ‘checker’ formation that is opposite the west Kennett longbarrow and I just said out loud ‘f…... AMAZING’. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was impressed for the first time in two years. I thought that I would go along and have a look at how it was made.

I thought that it was a nice day and that I could sit in the formation and just BE with nature. I walked up the tram line and entered the circle. The first thing that hit me was how immaculate the lay was and how complex the the ‘grid’ was. I didn't feel anything and I didn't enter it with any expectations at all. I sat for a while and then I turned to look who was in the circle and I saw everything around me was in a blue haze. I had a pressure in my head and the haze lasted for approx 5 minutes.

I took out my electronic organiser to write in it and I noticed that the text was fading in and out. I didn't think that it could be the formation at this time. So I wrote in it to replace the battery’s. (which I did on the 10th July)

I then walked back to my car and noticed that the battery light was on. I then noticed that the petrol was in the red and I was concerned that I wouldn't make it to a garage. I put some petrol in and then I noticed that the petrol gauge was still in the red. I soon realised that nothing electrical was working on the car and that the battery light was still on. I drove the car like this for the next day and then I took it to our mechanic. He said that I needed to have the alternator replaced. I then drove the car for approx 20 miles and suddenly everything came back on. The battery light went off and it hasn't come on since.

Meanwhile, I noticed that my watch face was ‘blank’ so I took it back to the shop as it was still under guarantee. The lady replaced the watch and I wore it for a few days when the same thing happened again. The watch was cheap & I was fed up with it by now so I just bought a more expensive watch (which is fine at the moment).

I am AMAZED at the amount of batteries that were drained since I entered that crop circle. I really believe that it is more than a coincidence and I have now experienced ‘first hand’ the power failures that people have discussed in the past. I feel that I am becoming a ‘born again croppie’ and I won’t believe everything that ‘the boys’ tell me at face value anymore. I feel now after this experience that I have probably been told a lot of lies by ‘boys’ who want people to think that they are capable of producing such ‘works of art’. Well, boys, you are going to have to PROVE to me from now on that you DID actually make them. And we ALL know that is something you cannot do.

Adams Grave, nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 12th July.



Shots showing the "woven" lay of the crop in the circle that appeared below Adam's Grave on the first morning.


Text from Stuart Dike: Each grapeshot were placed in a meandering line below the circle itself, looking down the hill. The circles themselves were extremely neat in appearance, with small standing tufts of crop in their centres. The large circle itself has a crisscross pattern of layered weaving, very similar to the technique used within the 1999 formation just outside of Devizes. This pattern was the first time we have seen the weave since last year, and is now regarded as a major progression of floor patterns by the Circlemakers. Indeed, the pattern itself is extremely complex, and was created with breathtaking skill.

Matterly Farm, nr Ovington, Hampshire.

Reported 13th July.


This formation could not have been done by man. The width of the outer circles do not permit treading by human feet. It is aligned slightly off the center tractor line.

Golden Ball Hill nr Alton Barnes. Wiltshire.  Reported 14th July.


The oddity of this formation was the one missing spoke, converted almost to a yin-yang sign. The small inner circle on this spoke, and the larger outer semicircle shows the finesse of the Circle Makers. This design is also evident in the photograph below. Fortunately, the location below a hill permitted the taking of the more lofty photograph by Peter Sorenson.


Bishop's Sutton, Nr Winchester, Hampshire Reported 15th July.


This formation has a similarity to the one at Stephen Castle Down. It is almost as though it were stretched toward one side. The outer ring has 12 circles. The inner ring has 12 circles, in the opposite direction. The crop is laid opposite between the two; what is crop in the outer is laid crop in the inner.

Everleigh Ashes, nr Milton Lilbourne, Wiltshire. Reported 19th July.


Text from Peter Sorenson:


The spectacular Milton Farm Celtic Cross which appeared July 19th.  The center of the formation is a Neolithic round barrow (!) covered in nettles.


Text from Stuart Dike:


The formation is based on the old Celtic crosses, seen regularly in the eighties and early nineties. But the formation also includes other details from past seasons. In 1989 we had a four-quartered single circle at Winterbourne Stoke near Stonehenge. Many people called it the swastika, which I feel is an injustice, and in this age is politically incorrect. The Everleigh Ashes formation includes basically the same design within each circle, with an outer connecting ring, running in an anti-clockwise rotation.


I have been crop circling since 1990, and have seen literally hundreds of formations, but I can’t remember visiting a formation, which blatantly used an ancient site as part of the design. Many formations have been positioned very close, and have in some cases copied the shape of the site, but not actually used it for the shape itself.