1995 - 3

Lichfield, Nr Dunley, Hampshire.

Formed 4th July.


A very interesting formation, continuing the theme of planetary arrangements. The central part is made up of seven concentric rings around a small circle in the middle. The central rings were all flowing clockwise including the middle circle. The lay is extremely impressive, with many standing stems visible, and it has the feeling of water flowing around the "necklace." You can see the necklace is made of a series of half-circles, internal and external, fitted against one another. (The inner circles are not quite complete because they had to be squeezed to permit the folding around the central circles. The location was not easily visible because of the angle it was placed in the field, and the fact that you could not really take a decent shot from the road.

The Jelly fish, the Punchbowl, Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed  4th July.


This formation was the largest to appear in the Punch Bowl (a natural amphitheatre) since the circles began. It was nicknamed the jelly fish because of its meandering snaking pathway flowing around an outer ring. However, we can see its continuing theme of solar orbits, although the precise meaning of the alternating half circles is not clearly evident. It also featured connection to 1994 designs with its circle tail emanating from a torso ring. It was approximately 300 ft. in diameter, spanning 4 tram lines. The crop was wheat.


The interlacing half circles reminds one of the formation illustrated above.

Cissbury Rings, Nr Shoreham Airport, Sussex. Formed 6th July.


A formation appeared near the ancient hill fort of Cissbury Rings. It consisted of five rings around a small central circle with an inner ring. The central part was placed considerably offset creating a condensed radius to the right, if you viewed from directly above. It was very large, over 250ft in diameter, but was lightly visited because of the farmer's opposition to strolling croppies. This illustrates an extreme elliptical planetary configuration with a central sun.

Stockbridge, nr Andover, Hampshire.

Reported July.


Yet again, we see the conceptual representation of a planetary system, or asteroid belt with planets. Over and over our Celestial Visitors are emphasizing solar system formations in 1995.

Brockwood Park, Hampshire.

Formed Early July.


These formations again shows the stellar system motif. The first had two satellite circles on either side of two facing half circles. This is inside a very thin ring.

The second had four outlying circles to form a quintuplet with the same inner circle. A large ring surrounds the whole formation.

In both cases small circles lie outside the ring but at different distances.

I am uncertain if one of these is a fake. They were made close to one another both geographically and temporally. If a fake the second appears to imitate the first and shows some irregularity in the circles.

The Nested Crescents at East Meon, Nr Peterfield, Hampshire. Formed Early July


This formation has three ellipses nested inside one another. It has a circular outer ring, and a circular inner ring. All ellipses are connected to one another with alternating standing grain. Four grapeshot appear next to the formation.

Watership Down, Nr Kingsclere, Newbury, Hampshire. Formed 6th July.


This curious spin-wheel could represent a blazing sun, spewing forth matter as it rotates. Note the dynamic representation, imitating rotation.


The grain inside each segment was depressed in three different directions.

Uffcott, nr Swindon, Wiltshire. 

Reported in July.


This formation could represent a sun, as we find in many earthly illustrations. We should not put it past our Visitors to imitate human art.


Note the different directions of depressions of the grain in the petals.

Roundway Rings, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire.

Formed Mid July

North of Avebury,  

Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire
23rd July


A complex '3D hypercube' formation consisting of a central ring with three lines forming an equilateral triangle inside it. This formation could be manmade because it violates the theme of stellar configurations.