1995 - 2
Bishop Sutton, Nr New Alresford, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed 20th June.

This formation continues the development of stellar systems. A central sun is surrounded by planets and an asteroid belt. Approximately 200 feet in diameter with a scattering of 97 circles. Rather than a view of jumbled space bodies the formation might suggest motion in a stable system, with planets and moons.

Cowdown (1), Nr Andover., Hampshire.

Formed  June.


Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a full photograph of this formation. It shows a curious three circles inside a larger ring.

Cowdown (2), Nr Andover, Hampshire. Reported 17th June

This central circle with two rings suggests a solar system. The zig-zag path from the outer ring to the center circle uncannily suggests the zig-zag fluttering motion shown in some descriptions of our celestial visitors, as they move about our atmosphere. See the discussion on Jonathan Swift report,

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Ovington Down Farm, Nr New Alresford, Hampshire. Formed 18-19th June. 

Similar design to other 1995 formations, but with with 30+ circles arranged in a large ring around a central circle. They range in sizes from a few feet to about 10 feet in diameter. The central circle is over 20 feet in diameter laid in a clockwise direction. The smaller circles have very delicate lays with individual stalks radiating out from standing crop. The formation is placed at the top of the field which means it's easily seen from the A31 road from Alresford. The crop was wheat.

Gander Down, nr Winchester, Hampshire.

Reported 20th June.


An apparent attempt to simulate our solar system out to the asteroid belt. All the planetary orbits have very fine lines that could not have been done by man, and are elliptical. We see Mercury, Venus, and the Earth, but Venus has the Moon! The relative size of the planets does not follow our astronomical observations.

West Stowell, Nr Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Formed 25th June.


Here the planets, or preferably moons, are displaced from symmetry around the parent body.

Longwood Warren, Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Discovered June 26.

I showed this formation in my discussion of fake circles. It includes Mercury, Venus, and Mars, but Earth is strangely missing! The orbits are elliptical. An asteroid belt is displayed outside the orbit of Mars.

The comparisons from formation to formation shows the finesse of the Circle Maker in using the medium of the grain field, with both positive and negative rings, and standing and depressed grain.