1995 - 1
Kings Sombourn, South of Thruxton, West of Winchester (Early May)

1995 started off with this curious amulet and Muslim moon. This was to begin a series that was astronomical in depicting planetary formations or other stellar arrangements. Thus a theme was carried through the summer, just as a theme of "bubble" formations dominated 1994. Now the Circle Makers were distinguishing themselves from the fakes in another highly curious manner.

Overton, Near Basingstoke, Hampshire. Reported Early May.

In this display we can see how the 1995 theme is being developed. Both this and the preceding formations were in oil seed rape, which offered grain fields of sufficient maturity, while other grains were not so well developed in the spring time.

Lurkley Hill, Nr East Kennett, Wiltshire. Formed 21st May.

This formation appeared in Canola grain. It incorporated the crescent shape seen on many formations that year. From the ground if you viewed it from the road leading to East Kennett, it looked rather poor, but as you can see from the air it's quite impressive in it's construction. The floor pattern was rather a disappointment, suggesting human creation, because of an alarming amount of broken stems. However, it continued a theme started in the preceding formations. Human beings creating this as a fake would have had to know the theme that would develop during the summer, impossible.

Avebury Trusloe, Crooks Plantation,

Nr Beckhampton, Wiltshire. Formed 28th May.


This was a most curious formation. It was a spiral that flowed in one continuous piece from the center to the outside, with a wide ring surrounding the spiral. We can see how the Circle Makers were suggesting new designs to us, that would develop further in following years.


Bratton Castle, Nr Westbury, Wiltshire. Formed Early June.

Again we discover a formation that is decidedly a solar system display. Some of the planets even have orbiting moons! We can see how the preceding formation leads to this one.

Danebury Ring, Nr Andover, Hampshire.

Formed Early June

We can see the bubble tail that first appeared in 1994, continuing that theme. Here the circular pattern shows 12 not-quite half circles around the perimeter with the sequence broken where the bubble was appended.

This was a large formation that appeared below the ancient Hill fort Danbury Ring. Many who viewed it from the air were impressed by its large size. The crop was young barley.

Telegraph Hill, Cheesefoot Head, nr Winchester, Hampshire.   Reported 13th June

This was known by some as an automotive "clutch plate." But we can see that it carries forward the theme of planetary configurations. The very wide ring provides a "space" environment for the four planets, each with their four satellites. This raises the question if the formation was intended to convey a stabilized planetary system as described to us by the Urantia Papers, and partially developed around the planet Jupiter in our own system.