The Year 1991 opened with fake circles everywhere. Everyone wanted to get in on the action, but only those who could marshal friends and acquaintances to aid in their conspiracies, and those funded by the news media and government agencies were able to imitate those grand designs. This plethora of fake circles led Colin Andrews to declare that most of them were fakes. Only toward the end of the decade did we see a return to many amazing formations. I shall not show the many obvious fakes. I shall limit myself here and in following years to those formations that are clearly of celestial origin. As a human being I may err in my judgment but shall try to be as objective as is humanly possible. I shall also show only those that may be instructive for us.

Hackpen Hill, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire. Formed 12th July

Barbury Castle, Nr Wroughton, Wiltshire.  Formed 17th July

Many believe this formation to be man made because it is too patently a human design. If so, it required genius to design and implement. On the other hand note that there are no human pathways to this formation. This means that the narrow circles and lines were carefully controlled by the circle makers, and that the photograph was captured before man visited the site.

The Avebury Area, Wiltshire. Formed 1st August.

This was made by Eric Beckjord in an attempt to communicate with the circle makers. It took Eric five hours to construct it. The letters make the words "Talk to us"

Milk Hill, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire.

A line of script appeared below Milk Hill, about a week after the "Talk To Us" message from Eric Beckjord. Many believe this was in response to his request. Many translations have been made. Refer to my letter to Andy Thomas. For myself, the script is very strongly modern Hebrew.

Ickleton, Nr Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

An unusual formation. Without question designed to communicate with us beyond the many fake circles created in 1991.

Only more informed persons would know about Mandelbrot sets. This shape

describes a mathematical pattern that was discovered by a French mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, in 1979. It is a product of pure mathematics and of chaos theory. It would not have been made by ignorant men.


Froxfield, Nr Hungerford, Berkshire.

An extraordinary formation appeared in a remote location high above the village of Froxfield. It could only be viewed from the air, and was out of site from any major roads, the only access was down a shady dark footpath. Even then it was only just visible from the gate. Due to it's unsociable location it was kept in pristine condition, but only lasted for five days because of the time in the season. You can see why it was given the name "The Brain", but it's now been associated with the structure of our own DNA viewed under Ultra Violet. Ten different sections make up the whole design. It was the first time we had seen anything like this, and has never been duplicated since. An aerial shot by George Wingfield Copyright 1991.

Froxfield, nr Hungerford, Berkshire. Formed 20th August