1990 - 1

Starting in 1990 the crop circle displays went to a much higher level in complexity. This sudden offset should have been sufficient to notify everyone that we were observing phenomena that were not of origin on this world. Unfortunately, with fearful man, attempts were made to show that ALL were of human origin.

In the following I shall not add commentary, except where something exceptional is to be noted. Naturally, it would be impossible to show all crop circles.

Punchbowl, Cheesefoot Head,
Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed 18th May.

Chilcomb Farm, Cheesefoot Head,

Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed 23rd May.

Longwarren, nr Chilcomb, Hampshire. Reported  30th May.


Morgans Hill, Nr Devizes, Wiltshire.

Formed 28/29th May.


The second formation appeared about one month after the first. You can see how the second is situated with respect to the first, not quite locked onto the first. The extra single circle from the first set was mostly preserved when the second was placed. The extremely fine circles, not more that 3 or 4 grain stalks wide could not have been done by man. These may be compared with the width of the tractor lines, which are about wide enough for a human beings to walk without leaving evidence of their presence. They can also be compared with the paths created by persons who visited the formation without respect for access. You can see that the widths of the manmade paths is about the same as the widths of the circles, but the circles were under geometric control while the manmade paths were not.


Stone Pitt Hill, nr Blackland, Wiltshire. Reported 2nd June. 

This huge ringed circle appeared high on Stone Pitt Hill, a location very remote from any sightseers.  Its quiet position meant that very few individuals managed to enter the circle, which preserved its overall condition.  As you can see from Colin's aerial image, a number of grapeshot scattered themselves across the diameter of the circle and rings. A ground survey was not obtained, but there were 36 in number, varying in size.  The circumference of the entire circle was 1000ft, which was the largest recorded in that year. 

A very unusual event occurred about a week after its appearance.  The circle has initially three rings when it first formed, but an extra ring decided to circumscribe itself around the the rest, creating four outer rings.  This particular anomaly remains a mystery, and has become a characteristic of the phenomenon over the years. 

Maizeley Farm Fields (The Gallops), Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed 7th June.

Longwood Estate (2), Cheesefoot Head,
Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed 6th June.

Telegraph Hill, Nr Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Formed 16th June.

Litchfield, (A34 road), Nr Newbury, Hampshire.  Formed 23rd June.

As Colin Andrews wrote:

This dumb-bell had two sets of boxes and two concentric halos at the head of the circle. It was placed on the tramlines in Barley. The lower circle was 11 meters in diameter with a central pathway of 18 metes long and 1.8 meters in width. The upper circle was 7 meters in diameter. The outer halo or semiring had a central thin line of standing crop all the way around it's length.

What are we to make of this object captured on one of my photos taken during the summer of 1990 at the side of the seven ancient burial mounds at Litchfield, Hampshire. (The yellow arrows show the path of the object as it fell to the ground. The blue arrow shows the object caught in falling.)

In the foreground is the farm employee who first discovered the crop formation behind him.

Large quantities of metal spheres where found on the edge of this field, in fact under the area where this object appears to be falling. Notice the brown blur created by the movement of the object as it crossed the focal field of the camera lens.

It looks for all the world like one of the objects caught falling from the sky. I was told that the objects were iron pyrites at the time (A geological material) but I have to say they looked like meteorites to me.

Could it be a shot in ten million or so of a meteorite falling from the sky? And if this were so why so many in this very small area next to the crop formation?


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