Winterbourne Stoke, Nr Stonehenge, Wiltshire. Reported 12th August.
1989 was a culminating year for crop circles. In 1990 began another level of revelation to us. I shall not show all the formations that occurred in 1989, just as I did not show all that went before. We can see the gradual build up to more complex forms and arrangements at time went on. Here I offer only one 1989 formation, the famous "swastika" design.

This design forever proved that the circles were not made by natural causes. In spite of the complex arrangements that had taken place in prior years, many still clung to theories of natural causes. There is no recognizable vortex, electrical field, or other natural force that could possibly produce this shape.

Because the circles were so involved mathematically, showing neat ratios to diameters and spacing, and because they were so intricate in design, man had to now come to the conclusion that they were either made by man, or by intelligence not originating within man.