Down Farm, Corhampton, Hampshire.

Reported 7th June.

This was discovered by farmer, Mr. Charles Hall at Corhampton, Hampshire, Grid Reference: SU 59652210.

The field of barley was being checked for rogue weeds on the 7th June 1988 when Mr. Hall found himself walking into a large circle, one of three forming an equilateral triangle. The circle to the left in the formation was centered upon a tractor tire line (tramline) and each circle consisted of the familiar swirled plants.

The other two circles almost, but not quite, are placed in such a fashion that they center on the distance between the tractor lines.

Colin Andrews offered the following:

"Little did l know when I answered the phone on 8 June that this was the first of a staggering number of circles to be reported during the next two months — over one hundred. Charles Hall had previously found single circles twice on his farm, but he was quite shocked when he spotted three large ones in a field of winter barley.

"I left my office in Andover and was soon with Mr. Ball at the field. There were three circles, each 10.8 meters (35.4 feet) in diameter. About 35 per cent of the barley plants were compressed to the ground and swirled

clockwise. The pressure swathes from the centre of the circle expanded towards the perimeter. The remaining plants had clearly also been flattened when the event occurred but had now lifted back to the sunlight in an extraordinary fashion. Later when we saw the circles from the air we found that they were at the points of an equilateral triangle and the circle edges were separated by 1.9 meters (6.2 feet) of standing crop. (This is the distance between tractor tires.)  The compass bearing through the centers of two of the circles was precisely magnetic north.

"The plants had grouped themselves into oblong areas about 60 by 30 centimeters. and in three groupings the plant stems, along which there are three nodes or knuckles, were lifting up in a selective manner. In the first group the plants were bending up on the node nearest to the roots to seek light. In the second group plants were lifting up on the node half-way up the stern, and plants in the third group were bending on the node close to the head of the plant. These groupings were repeated through-out the affected areas in each circle. I wanted to see this from the air, so I arranged a flight with Busty (Taylor) from Thruxton an hour or two later.

"We have experienced one surprise after another during our research, but few have matched the shock we had when we looked down on the Corhampton triple formation for the first time (see Plates 57 and 58). The plants had now grown into a pattern consisting of seven concentric rings and forty-eight spokes. Each circle had the same form. We later found that plants inside an identical formation a few miles away had formed the same dartboard or cartwheel pattern.

"I discussed this at length with Mr. Mark Glover, who is a plant and agricultural specialist. We visited the site and, after studying his findings, confirmed those of other laboratory tests we had carried out. 'I cannot find any explanation for those particular crop areas which had been down on the ground for at least a week but no more than two weeks,' he reported. 'I can, however, say they are not caused by any of the following: cultivation, fertilizer applications, agrochemical treatment, disease, pest damage, soil type or plant growth habit. I find the problem fascinating and look forward to seeing any further discoveries.'"

Oadby, Nr Leicester, Leicestershire.

Reported 21st June.


The diagram shows the directions the wheat was laid, and the orientations.

Location:  Oadby. South-east of Leicester
Ordnance survey grid reference:  SK 6350 0155
First seen:  21 June 1988.
Crop:  Green Wheat.
Courtesy of
Steve Pyrah

Longwood Estate, Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Hampshire.

Formed 11th June.

This large double ringed circles arrived on the 11th of June 1988 in the High Warren Field on the Longwood Estate near Winchester, Hampshire.

The rings were unusually irregular and five smaller circles were nearby in the same field.

As the green wheat changed color as the season progressed through shades of green into golden yellow, a darker colored line became visible from the centre of the formation stretching across the entire field and across the landscape towards the village of Kilmeston. Some very strange things began to occur during these same weeks in and around the village - all of the happenings fell onto the same line. Trees died and a large crack appeared on the end of a 400 year old country mansion also on the line. The house had to be held up with large timbers, as the end wall began to fall out. Roses and other ornamental trees also died in a line heading back towards the crop formation to the north east. The owner of the mansion heard a loud explosion and watched in amazement as a metal cattle trough, containing approximately 80 gallons of water, lifted off its moorings in the nearby field and catapulted through the air, hitting her fence at the end of the garden.

Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Wiltshire.

Reported 25th June

A beautiful equilateral triangular arrangement of circles was already in the field at Cheesefoot Head, Hampshire, when an army patrol discovered this double ringed circle at 5.40 AM on the 25th June 1988.

This formation arrived the same night as 3,500 prime racing pigeons disappeared while flying between France and the southern coast of England, visible from this field. It was later acknowledged that an extremely large geomagnetic disturbance occurred that night.

The circles measured 75.5 feet in diameter, the two rings 4.25 feet, and the two standing rings 6.6 feet. The circle was CW, the inner ring CCW, and the outer ring CW.


Silbury Hill, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire.

Formed 15th July.

In the words of Colin Andrews:

In only eight weeks an incredible fifty-one circles were found within seven miles of this famous, ancient, man-made earth mound, the largest in Europe. Fifteen of them appeared within a few days in a wheat field opposite the mound and close to the A4. The first five, which were photographed from the mound, appeared during the night of 14–15 July.
Twenty-four hours earlier Mary Freeman, who lives in Marlborough, Wiltshire, was leaving the ancient stone circle at Avebury not far away. At 11.13 pm, with about 70 per cent cloud cover, she saw through the driver's window a large, golden, disc-shaped object within the cloud. A bright white parallel beans of light came from the bottom of the disc at an angle of roughly 65° and shone across the sky towards Silbury Hill, one and a half miles to the south. `I was amazed, but not frightened,' she said later. `It was ethereal.' Suddenly about half a dozen articles, which were in a recessed pocket along the dashboard, rose up and flew backwards, landing in her lap and on the passenger seat next to her. She said, `It was as if a surge of energy passed through the car.' Her report is similar to a number of others reported in Great Britain above circle fields.

Plates 60 and 61 were taken in the wheat field a few days later. Two sets of five had now appeared and a further five single circles were formed over the next day or two. The tracks visible between the circles were made by us while taking measurements.

The first set of five consisted of a large clockwise-swirled circle, 17.2 meters in diameter, with satellites about 6.5 meters in diameter. The satellite at 21.5° swirled clock-wise, whereas the other three, at 112.50, 202° and 244°, swirled anti-clockwise. The formation was 88.15 meters across. An 11,000 volt over-head electric cable passed over the set of circles. We found out from the Electricity Board that there had not been any voltage surges or loss of supply that night.

At noon on 10 September the phone rang at my home. `Hello, it's Geoff Smith from Charity Down Farm, Goodworth, Clatford. We've found a huge circle with a very large ring round it, next to the one which appeared the other week. There are four small circles at the compass points around the central circle, but they're positioned centrally round the ring. It's really very strange. We're cutting the field now. Can you come over? There's something else here that's very odd ...'

Andrews summed up the material of his book with the following remark:

And so it goes on. We know much more now than when we started, but much remains to be evaluated.

If he only knew . . .

Beckhampton, Nr Avebury, Wiltshire.

This was one of seven quintuplet sets to appear in southern England during 1988. It was found near Beckhampton and was small in comparison with the giant sets near Silbury Hill.


Hungerford, Berkshire.

Reported  7th August

On the 7th of August 1988, this ‘almost’ complete quintuplet set (type 6 - Andrews Catalogue system) appeared on a hill overlooking the ‘shocked’ village of Hungerford, Berkshire, England.

The CPR team spent two days investigating the circles on site. They observed that one satellite was only partly formed. One half was completely missing, leaving a half circle forming the fourth satellite.

They also noticed that a very positively dowsable line was found to point towards the village church, visible from the centre of the formation. This church was where a ‘shocked’ village buried it’s many dead a short while earlier. A young man called Michael Ryon had gone crazy, driving through the small town shooting everybody who came into his path. This mass murder shook the entire country.

The sense of nervousness still remained as the CPR team researched the formation. Richard Andrews and Busty Taylor were dowsing the central circle with Colin Andrews video taping them, when a passing villager, driving along the base of the hill, suddenly turned off the road and drove full speed through the cereal field towards them. He broke down the ripened plants in a wide swathe where his vehicle and speed, stopping close to their feet.

He just wanted to know what they were doing.

Just to worsen the already embarrassing situation, he took a different route back across the field to the highway. We feared the farmer might arrive and think that we had driven our cars directly to the spot, causing this incredible amount of damage.

Charity Down, Nr Andover, Hampshire.

Formed late August

A ringed circle with four circles placed on the ring to form a Celtic cross. Celtic Cross formation which appeared very near the home of the Crop Circle researcher Colin Andrews. This meant that a detail examination could be carried out on the formation. One of the interesting aspects of this design was that the ring had a floor lay which was 90 degrees to the standing crop. Something which at the time was thought to be impossible to achieve, and maybe still is. 


These are only a selection of the many circles that appeared in 1988.