Upper Farm, Headbourne Worthy, Nr Winchester, Hampshire.

Reported August 1

This circle was discovered by Busty Taylor during the morning hours of August 1. It had not been there the previous evening.

This single circle was highly complex, with sine wave effects observed in the nature of the flat grain structure as the circle was formed. It was 57 feet in diameter with a CCW swirl.
As far as it is known, this site also was responsible for the first sighting of the small UFO spheres seen many times during later years.  Andrews observed a silver sphere move at high speed over the formation and disappear into a single cloud above the formation (See reference in "Circular Evidence".  This incident was reported to BUFORA (Paul Fuller) who concluded that Andrews must have a sight defect.

Cheesefoot Head, Nr Winchester, Hampshire. Appeared July 5.

This 62.3-foot main circle was discovered with a single ring around it.  It was the first to appear of this design that was documented.  It was later joined by two others.  One of these, to the left, was known to have been hoaxed by two young men from Cornwall. The other, at the bottom, appeared on August 14.

This first formation was very impressive and was in barley.  Look at the detail, with the stalks of grain swirling in toward the center. Contrast this with claims of Doug and Dave who would have laid the grain in a circular pattern using their boards and ropes. Later they did indeed claim to have made this one.

The standing ring was 7.9 feet wide, while the outer circles was 4.3 feet wide.

Other circle formations were observed during this season.