Matterly Farm, Gander Down,
nr Alresford, Hampshire.

Reported 6th July.

Longstock, nr Andover, Hampshire.

Reported  31st July.

Found in green wheat on the morning of 6th of July, 1985 near Alresford, Hampshire.  The quintuplet set was clearly visible from the nearby A31 highway at grid ref: SU 543 292.

Perhaps by co-incidence the next morning another identical formation was found south of Andover at Longstock.

The large central circle measured 52.5 feet in diameter while the four smaller circles were all 10.5 feet. These were in ration by exactly 5:1. All were swirled CW.

This was among the first quintuplet sets to appear - the first being at Headbourne Worthy in 1978.  This set was found on 31st July, 1985 at Longstock and was the first crop formation to be investigated by Busty Taylor.
A strange white substance was found in the formation, which was thought to have been responsible for everybody developing severe chest complaints
who smelled it.
These photographs were taken by the Ministry Of Defense and given to Colin Andrews for his research.

The center circle measured about 39.4 feet in diameter. The smaller circles all measured about 11.8 feet. The ratio of these two numbers is 3.333:1. The swirl in all was CW.