Litchfield, North of Winchester, Hampshire.

Headbourne Worthy, Nr Winchester, Hampshire.

In 1982, the second year in succession for Litchfield, a set of two circles were reported, again placed near the A34 and in a field next to the Seven Barrows burial mound. The larger was nearly 40 feet in diameter and the smaller about 30 feet. Both circles were formed by CW swirling of the grain.

A third partial circle was observed at the north edge of the field, near the burial mound, formed where it met the hedgerow, but the grass at the edge of the field and the hedgerow itself were not disturbed

Another circle appeared here again on the farm of Tim Brown, discovered by Ian Stevens, the same man who had found a quintuplet set on the farm in 1978. 

This single circle was found at grid ref: SU 475 333 on the north side of the major A34 highway.  It measured exactly 38 feet in diameter and swirled clockwise.