Litchfield, North of Winchester, Hampshire.

The Punch Bowl, Cheesefoot Head,

Nr Winchester, Hampshire.

Two circles appeared in a doublet pattern next to Route A34 and close to the Seven Barrows, an ancient burial site. The circles were about 50 feet in diameter. One was know to have been swirled in a CW direction.

The direction of a line drawn between the two circles was the same as that drawn by a line between the two burial mounds a few feet to the north. The two mounds seemed to be the same size as the circles.

Three circles formed as a triplet-in-line in late July. Note that the triplet is not in direct line with the tractor lines, but is slightly askew. These circles were the first to draw wide attention on TV and in the Press.

The center circle was about 56 feet in diameter; the smaller ones were exactly 1/2 that. They were all swirled CW.