Headbourne Worthy, Nr Winchester, Hampshire

One circle formation was identified in 1978. This was a quintuplet formed in one of the fields belonging to Tim Brown. The circles were all the same size, positioned as on a dice, with a center circle, and four outlying circles evenly spaced.

This image is from Circular Evidence by Pat Delgado & Colin Andrews. Published by Bloomsbury in 1989.

The picture shows the wife of the Ian Stevens, the farm hand who discovered the formation, and two of their children, leaving after they had examined the formation.

Mr. Stevens had seen a single circle on the west side of A34 in 1976. He paced the circle and found it to be about 21 feet in diameter. The grain was pressed to the ground and swirled in a clockwise direction. Other singles circles had been seen in this area by Mr. Stevens and various other persons prior to this event, but the dates and times are not recorded.

This is the oldest photograph of crop circles known to exist.  It was taken by the farm owner after he had come across it during harvesting. He steered around the five circles until he could inform his family and encourage them to take a look at his discovery.  The formation was positioned near the railway line at Grid Ref: SU 481 329.  Mr. Stevens paced out the central circle and found it to be approximately 60 feet in diameter.  The grain was lain in a clockwise pattern.