My purpose in the preceding chapters has been to provide you with information by which you can arrive at a better assessment of the difference between the sordid performances and mental possessions of the "Devil," and the work of loyal spirit beings. We cannot make proper judgments through ignorance. My purpose also was to illustrate why William Sadler, in spite of his great reputation as a psychiatrist, did not fully grasp the phenomena with which he was dealing. He was unwilling to acknowledge, especially to himself.

Thus he dabbled with the puzzle of SS for nearly thirty years.

As far as we are able to determine, within the limits of our knowledge and understanding, the Devil has only one method by which he can accomplish his objectives. We have no evidence that he is able to manipulate the physical world. We have evidence only of him working through the human mind.

The gamut of his abilities through human mind thus far have not been definitively established. Our ability to precisely detail his power is so limited because of our mythological views out of Christianity, because of denial by modern minds, and because of our fears in dealing with him. He truly has been a ghost, lurking around the fringes of our social order, and around the edges of our belief structure.

Therefore, we have not rigorously or intelligently dealt with his reality. Because of this shameful failure in dealing with spiritual realities we all must now pay a horrendous price. We will have ample reason for examining him, his purpose, and his methods in the depth of our souls.

In order to draw out the reasons why The Urantia Papers could not have come from the Devil I shall now summarize those items of revelation which elucidate his present spiritual condition and methods of operation. You should have just basis for your decisions about this Revelation.

Some persons have regarded it as a major fault in the Revelation that these matters are not more explicitly revealed to us. Harold Sherman, in a ferocious attack upon William Sadler, was deeply frustrated by the lack of instruction about spiritualism in The Urantia Papers. He felt Sadler was badly at fault for not including such facts in the Revelation. Little did he realize that Sadler had no control over the content of the Revelation. Furthermore, and the key element in this lack, was the absolute need for the decisions now facing all of us. If the Revelation had openly explained these matters it would have removed from us the freedom and privilege of coming to our own conclusions. The decisions on our world today are momentous spiritual ones; too much revelation would have denied us the precious gift of those pivotal judgments.

Following is a summary of statements made within The Urantia Papers which show the degree of revelation offered to us, and which demonstrate a level of concept beyond ordinary human understanding.

Caligastia, your apostate Planetary Prince, is still free on Urantia to prosecute his nefarious designs ... The Urantia Papers, page 610.


The word "prosecute" means to execute, to follow up and carry forward something that has been undertaken. He does not sit idly by, thinking, planning, or hoping about some remote possible course of action. He has a plan in mind, and he is actively bringing it to fruition.

This plan, this design, is nefarious. It is extremely wicked, iniquitous, and abominable.

This fallen rebel has been given the freedom by God to proceed with the execution of this plan. He is free to do so.

Why does our Creator permit him to proceed? One possible reason is to demonstrate to the entire universe the depravity of this fallen being. No longer will there be any other being in creation who will give him sympathetic regard. Another reason may be a final act of mercy, an opportunity to retrieve himself from the shame which he brought upon himself and upon this world. A third, and highly important reason for the future of this world, is a method to remove procrastination and neglect from the human race. No longer will we be able to put off decisions, hoping for a brighter tomorrow. Every person will be forced to deal with cosmic realities at a level never before perceived by the human race. God may be using him to accomplish a far superior objective.

We now must ask the question: Would the Devil have provided a "revelation" about himself with such provocative and deep implications? Would he have provided "revelation" which would motivate us to such extremity of thought and question?

The Devil could not afford such "revelation." He would not have brought about such deep searching of the soul. His technique is to be mystical, and avoid provoking thought and deep soul probing.

The "devil" is none other than Caligastia, the deposed Planetary Prince of Urantia ... The Urantia Papers, page 602

Repeatedly we see why the Devil would not offer such revelation. He could not afford to do so. Therefore, these statements must come from some higher source.  

But since the day of Pentecost this traitorous Caligastia and his equally contemptible associate, Daligastia, are servile before the divine majesty of the Paradise Thought Adjusters and the protective Spirit of Truth, the spirit of Michael, which has been poured out upon all flesh. The Urantia Papers, page 610

This revelation has tremendous portent. All true children of God need have no fear of the Devil, or of his possessing their minds. He and his associate must give way before the Spirit of the Father, and the Spirit of Truth. Those spirits are resident within every mortal son of God, whether sleep or awake, and safely protect their human charges.


But even so, no fallen spirit ever did have the power to invade the minds or to harass the souls of the children of God. Neither Satan nor Caligastia could ever touch or approach the faith sons of God; faith is an effective armor against sin and iniquity. It is true: "He who is born of God keeps himself, and the wicked one touches him not." The Urantia Papers, page 610

Those mortal agents of Caligastia who roam our world today did not keep themselves. They gave themselves to him when they opened their minds to him.

In general, when weak and dissolute mortals are supposed to be under the influence of devils and demons, they are merely being dominated by their own inherent and debased tendencies, being led away by their own natural propensities. The devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not belong to him. Caligastia has been comparatively impotent since the cross of Christ. The Urantia Papers, page 610.

The controlling word is "comparatively." Compared to his former status Caligastia is relatively weak; he cannot manipulate the physical world directly. But he is still powerful in his performances through human mind.

Angels do not invade the sanctity of the human mind; they do not manipulate the will of mortals; neither do they directly contact with the indwelling Adjusters. The guardian of destiny influences you in every possible manner consistent with the dignity of your personality; under no circumstances do these angels interfere with the free action of the human will. Neither angels nor any other order of universe personality have power or authority to curtail or abridge the prerogatives of human choosing. The Urantia Papers, page 1245.

Neither angels, nor midwayers, nor any other loyal being of the celestial realms invade the sanctity of the human mind. And when the channelers and all others engage in the multifarious forms of mind phenomena they exhibit the products of that despicable invasion of mind.

But it should be made clear that the midway creatures are not involved in the sordid performances taking place under the general designation of "spiritualism." The midwayers at present on Urantia, all of whom are of honorable standing, are not connected with the phenomena of so-called "mediumship"; and they do not, ordinarily, permit humans to witness their sometimes necessary physical activities or other contacts with the material world, as they are perceived by human senses. The Urantia Papers, page 865.

If the midwayers are not engaged in the sordid performances classified under the general designation of "spiritualism," and are not connected with the phenomena of so-called "mediumship," then who is? Would any other loyal being engage in such performances? If they come through the human mind, can they be assigned to any other than Caligastia?

In all the administrative work of a local universe no high trust is deemed more sacred than that reposed in a Planetary Prince who assumes responsibility for the welfare and guidance of the evolving mortals on a newly inhabited world. And of all forms of evil, none are more destructive of personality status than betrayal of trust and disloyalty to one's confiding friends. In committing this deliberate sin, Caligastia so completely distorted his personality that his mind has never since been able fully to regain its equilibrium. The Urantia Papers, page 754.


Our examination of the sordid performances of spiritualism has amply demonstrated his loss of mental equilibrium. He is truly insane. He has not lost his intellect, or his memory banks, but he has so debased himself he no longer can weigh the depravity of his actions.

On Page 840 The Urantia Papers go into a detailed description of the events which unfolded into Eve's great sin. A careful perusal of those passages show that Caligastia can, indeed, influence all human mortals other than through the context of giving over our minds freely to him. But he can do so only where we maintain unrighteousness in our hearts. If we remain loyal in our devotions to our Creator he does not have the power to influence us.

When these various passages are collected and assembled into a more comprehensive overview we begin to observe more compelling reasons why they could not have come from the Devil. They are totally devastating to his status. They explain much of how he operates. They clarify our thinking about him and about his diabolical methods.

On these grounds alone we have ample reason why The Urantia Papers derive from divine sources.

Furthermore, no human mortal would have had the capacity to reveal the multifaceted mechanisms and parameters of that deadly Prince. We have been buried so deeply within the mythologies of our traditions that none of us have been able to clarify our minds to the perspectives offered in revelation.

From a survey of Sadler's many books and statements, throughout his life, we can see why he could not have been the author of such material. The perspectives and conceptual range offered in The Urantia Papers far exceed his limited "psychological" views.

I shall now go on to other reasons why The Urantia Papers did not originate from the Devil through the mind of some anonymous human subject. William Sadler had other words about it. This may be a good place to show his thoughts, since his statements about the Revelation bear directly on the question of origins.


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